Morimoto's in Philly?

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I was there twice in June, loved it. My SO raved about the miso soup, I loved the eggplant appetizer. Beer was fantastic, and the place is just down the block from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

Any other thoughts?
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We have been there three times this past year. Our first visit was not very impressive granting the fact that they had just opened and all. We ordered the Omakase (tasting menu)

The first two courses were great - 1.tuna sashimi with a light yuzu viniagrette, and 2. a sampler of seared sashimi with ponzu, truffles and minkfish liver. After that it went quickly down hill
3rd. a sea escargot as it was explained sliced and sauteed with way too much garlic zero seasonings and evo. (basic conch app, although presented well lacked attention and detail to flavor)
4. tempura monkfish, monkfish liver (again) and seared scallop with spicy oil (too much) again looked nice but had no distinct flaor or direction, way too greasy and why two servings of the same ingredient almost identically prepared?
5. japanese mountain peaches - nice and simple
6. lobster flan, spiny lobster, a simple micro green salad and indisinct viniagrette - no salt, very little if any other seaonings, and the flan was not cooked long enough (runny)
7. sushi and sashimi (chefs choice) very good but not outstanding

All said it was a good meal but definetly not up to the hype or that impressive given the other restaurants in the area run by non famous chefs.

$180 per person - not up to par for the price

If you do go there order ala carte and pick things on the menu your wait person knows are winners

the other two times we were there with friends and had a good time despite the high prices and mediocre food.

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