Morels are in season!!

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Are there any true mushroom hunters out there? I would like to hear from you! My most recent adventure was picking Morels. I brought them home and made dinner with a local chef. We had Morels sauted with sallots and sauted with leeks. I deglazed with brandy and white wine. I searved them with pan seared foi gras, carmalized pear and a light veal jus. To make the marriage a nice sauturn from France....Yum!!!

Any pine mushroom hunters out there? I have stories for you!!!!!

Cheers B.C. Chef:bounce:
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I hunt this time there are an enormous amount of inedible shrooms growing....Chanterelles are the next big crop hopefully in mid June they be blooming. This has been an exceptionally wet year so all we need is hot weather and they will be abundant.
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B.C.Chef,i,as a British chef,am glad to see that classical French terminology isn`t dead!Your reference to the term sauteed and the inclusion of foie gras and jus have restored my faith.Here in the U.K. there are some people leaving colleges who are unfamiliar with these!:lol:
Keep up the good work!
To any prospective chefs- professional cooking is where art and science meet!:chef: Leo R.
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