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I love cheese omelette bu my recipe just consists of the basic.  Please post suggestions on how to add zing to my omelette... thanks!
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i had a pretty nice omlet yesturday it was filled with smoked salmon, sourcream and chives, spinach and some kind of cheese. you can do whatever some different kind of sausages or different vegis, add some heat to them.if u have flavor bible or culinary artistry it list a bunch of things are good with.
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We do very simple omelets.  Our three most popular are western (green pepper, yellow onion, ham),  diced turkey & hot salsa (drop the salsa by the half teaspoon onto the egg when it has just begun to set up), and the simplest; diced tomato & basil, with or without mozzarella.

I've found very few meats or whole ingredients that don't go well in omelets.  Fruits are likely out (more of a crepe thing).  Dunno about lettuces.  Perhaps no citrus, unless a lemon-pepper chicken or pork. Beans might be nice.  Hash browned potatoes, certainly.  Fresh herb blends, like pesto, I would like.  Hmmm, babaganoush omelet?  Maybe not, but I'd probably try. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/crazy.gif
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ham, caramelized onions and sauteed apples....great with cheddar

Wild mushrooms sauteed, hit of cream and bourbon....sauteed shallot if you have it

Artichoke, lemon zest, spinach, fresh chevre & feta, some cooked onion

One of the diners in town has a gyro omelet with feta, tomatoes, onion and gyro meat

Italian sausage with zucchini, onion, tomatoe, basil, roasted garlic

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