more respect for pastry chefs and bakers

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hey all. i am a cook and i am doing my intership at the Hotel dupont. i just started the bake shop monday and i LOVE it to death. there jod is no where comparable to a cooks job. i have seen major defrances in baking then in cooking. one must be accrate in there recipes where when cooking, a little of this and a dash of that. also, the hours are diffrent is which good in the long run. the other day, i was piping something and a fellow pastry chef told me that i hold the bag like a cook piping mashed potatoes. i got a good laugh at that and made the correction.

i love to bake even more then i used to. i cant seem to explain it in word but i love it.
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I love it too! It's so unforgiving in comparision to cooking, you certainly can't fake your way thru any of it. You'll notice too that the personalities of pastry chefs are very different then the people on the hot side. Everything is different, we approach our work so differently. It's great for you to get the experience in the baking department, whether you remain there or not it will help you better understand the dynamics of the pastry department so you can work well together with them.

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