Montreal's best restaurants

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I just thought it appropriate to hold a discussion on everyone's favorite establishments in and around Montreal; especially looking towards a local gathering here. So please, everyone with some experiences here, chime in.

Hopefully we can do a duplicate thread here for as many cities as there are members!

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Jokhm ,

Please look up recent threads regarding our Cheftalk reunion held in - you got it - MONTREAL this coming June.

I used to live there myself. Ever neighbourhood has its own handful of 'favourite restaurants', so you never can get tired of Mtl's restaurant scene.

Some of my faves include Le Witloof, Les Caprices de Nicolas (although I haven't been since Nicolas left), Les Chenêts (to be transported back 50 years), Zen, Grano (for their spicy fries), Frites Alors (also for their fries), and, of course, Toqué.

What are your favourite spots?
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Here are some of Montreal's finest

A very spacious environment where its chef-owner, schooled at Toqué! and the Jongleux Café, offers his interpretations of traditional gastronomic fare. Here everything is harmonious, a perfect balance. Between precision and folly, crossbreed spices and rare herbs, alchemy and emotion.
1429, rue Amherst. Reservations: (514) 890-6691

Parisian-style elegance and simplicity in an establishment rooted in the traditions of the great cafés of the Champs-Élysées. The perfect spot for sampling authentic cuisine from different wine-producing areas of France and Québec.
1454, rue Peel. Reservations: (514) 288-5105

Café Cherrier
The Café Cherrier is undoubtedly one of the most "in" spots of social and society life in Montreal. Its chef is constantly renewing the menu, which offers fresh ingredients carefully prepared, and served in a most convivial atmosphere.
3635, rue St-Denis. Reservations: (514) 843-4308

Au Petit Extra (A big fav)
The sort of bistro everyone wants to go to: informal, congenial, the real thing. In time-honoured French tradition, menus go up on a chalkboard, while the wine list is the very model of intelligence and professionalism. Workers or thinkers, artists or business people anyone who loves to feel at home turns up here sooner or later.
1690, rue Ontario Est. Reservations: (514) 527-5552

In an simple yet elegant décor, restaurant Bleu, located in the former Rasco Hotel in Old Montreal, features an international cuisine showcasing seafood specialities. Here, one can experience the freshest oysters and other shellfish at the oyster bar.
295, rue St-Paul Est. Reservations: (514) 861-5337

Café de Paris
The renowned Café de Paris: a memorable gastronomic experience for 90 years. Discover our contemporary cuisine with a traditional twist, unique spices and flavours, influenced by the international experience of our French Chef Stéphane Lo Ré.
Ritz-Carlton, Montréal, 1228, rue Sherbrooke Ouest.
Reservations: (514) 842-4212, poste 810

Café Tentation
Ideally situated at the foot of Mount-Royal, Café Tentation serves up refined Continental fare, offering a vast selection of market ingredients. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Renaissance Montréal Hôtel, 3625, avenue du Parc.
Reservations: (514) 288-6666

Café Méliès
Already a classic, Café Méliès offers a French bistro cuisine where freshness is our passion. Discover our oasis in the heart of the Main. From early to very late.
Complexe Ex-Centris, 3536, boul. St-Laurent.
Reservations: (514) 847-9218

Chez Chine
In a sumptuous décor reminiscent of the splendours of the Orient, this hotel restaurant in the heart of Chinatown offers an Imperial menu replete with the flavours of authentic Chinese fine cuisine.
Holiday Inn Select, 99, rue Viger Ouest. Reservations: (514) 878-9888

Chez la Mère Michel
Micheline Delbuguet and her husband René have made this establishment one of Montreal's most illustrious, earning numerous distinctions, including four stars from the Mobil Exxon, Dinora, and Debeur guides.
1209, rue Guy. Reservations: (514) 934-0473

Chez l'Épicier
Products from the land, savvy mixtures of flavours, French and Asian influences, all contribute to Chez L'Épicier's personality. A restaurant as well as a wine bar, the establishment also offers a complete sampling of fine foods sold over the counter.
311, rue St-Paul Est. Reservations: (514) 878-2232

Chorus evokes harmony, the pleasures of the table offered here are just as enchanting. With chef Thierry Baron and his staff, with delicate counterpoint supplied by renowned sommelier Don-Jean Leandri, and the high notes of an ever-attentive service. In this abode of pleasure and sophistication, modern French cuisine truly resonates.
3434, rue Saint-Denis. Reservations: (514) 841-8080

Chez Lévêque (Another big fav)
Chez Lévêque just keeps going and going, one of those spots where the traditional is glad to take on a new slant. The restaurant has the feeling of the great French brasseries, where the tastiness of the food is matched only by the intensity of the conversation.
1030, avenue Laurier Ouest. Reservations: (514) 279-7355

Chez Queux
Close to the Convention Centre, and housed in a building built in 1862, Chez Queux is known as a temple of French gastronomy. The wine list of 250 labels has won the restaurant an Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator since 1996.
158, rue Saint-Paul Est. Reservations: (514) 866-5194

Ferreira Café
In an award-winning décor, Portugal and freshness from the sea open wide their arms. The simple, minimally cooked dishes are respectful of ancestral traditions. Fans of the grape will appreciate one of the largest wine and port cellars in North America.
1446, rue Peel. Reservations: (514) 848-0988

The Cube restaurant composes with fresh market produce, for a cuisine that offers everything you'd want in a square meal healthy, meticulous, inspired dishes of impeccable quality. Cube squares the circle with a unique, sophisticated ambiance and the desire to delight.
355, rue McGill. Reservations: (514) 876.CUBE

Da Vinci
Located in a beautiful Victorian dwelling in the heart of Montreal, Ristorante Da Vinci offers its guests elegant and warm surroundings. Da Vinci will rejoice both your eyes and your palate. A proud family tradition since 1960.
1180, rue Bishop. Reservations: (514) 874-2001

This famous "Breton" welcomes you to the warm ambience of his restaurant, where good living is always on the menu. Its fine cuisine recipes, low lighting, background "chansonnier" music, and personalized service, all contribute to an enjoyable evening.
1550, rue Fullum. Reservations: (514) 523-2551

Il Sole
The regions of Italy, a passion for restaurant Il Sole's owner, Graziella Battista. In a sunny décor the pleasures of our Italian table are conveyed. Elaborate Italian wine list. Buon apetito!
3627, boul. Saint-Laurent. Reservations: (514) 282-4996

L'Entre-Miche, one of the finer Montreal bistros for twenty years, has just rejuvenated its menu. But sirloin still plays a starring role in a likeable spot worth rediscovering, where the meticulously prepared cuisine is something to delight in.
2275, rue Ste-Catherine Est. Reservations: (514) 521-0816

La Bastide
At La Bastide, a veritable bastion of Basque cuisine, authenticity and simplicity of flavour command respect. In the heart of the Mile-end district, we welcome you to share the simple, heart-warming pleasures of our table. But who ever said Basque cuisine was simple... ? No matter what, it definitely is delicious!

André Besson has been holding court over the kitchens of this small restaurant with its allure of grand bistro for the past ten years. Known as "Paris on Pine Avenue", this institution of Montreal gastronomy is frequented by a distinguished clientele.
250, avenue des Pins Est. Reservations: (514) 287-9127

La Gaudriole
La Gaudriole offers gastronomic delights in an intimate, convivial setting. Chef Marc Vézina adroitly blends sun-drenched flavours with rugged or Nordic textures. This hybrid cuisine has earned him culinary awards and eloquent praise from the printed media.
825, rue Laurier Est. Reservations: (514) 276-1580

La Maîtresse
La Maîtresse, a restaurant & bar with chic live New York style decor with music live, warm and attentive service and the passionate cooking of chef José Rodriguez, simple but succulent dishes delicately spiced to perfection.
Hôtel Versailles, 1800, rue Sherbrooke Ouest.
Reservations: (514) 939-1212

Le Boulevard
In the Centre Sheraton, in the heart of downtown and close to the action, Le Boulevard is a likeable, welcoming getaway, where the talented chef creates a menu of a different colour.
Le Centre Sheraton, 1201, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest.
Reservations: (514) 878-2000

Le Bouquet
The Montreal Delta is proud of its cultural vocation. Le Bouquet is an invitation to a memorable and perfectly affordable dining experience of local cuisine.
Hôtel Delta Montréal, 475, avenue Président-Kennedy.
Reservations: (514) 284-4397, poste 8128

Le Castillon
In a restaurant whose setting evokes the chamber of some medieval brotherhood, French gastronomy is featured with classic dishes enhanced with a touch of exotism. Le Castillon has been awarded four CAA/AAA diamonds for the quality of its cuisine and of its service.
Hôtel Hilton Montréal Bonaventure, 1, Place Bonaventure.
Reservations: (514) 878-2332

Le Latini
Whether you love it or hate it, find it handsome or hideous; it certainly won't leave you indifferent. That's Le Latini, 23 years and counting...
1130, Jeanne-Mance. Reservations: (514) 861-3166

Le Club des Pins
" when the food tastes as it should," said Curnonsky, the Prince of gastronomes. The Club des Pins subscribes completely to that motto, and for the past nine years, has been inviting gourmets to partake of authentic culinary experiences in a warm setting reminiscent of the South of France.
156, avenue Laurier Ouest. Reservations: (514) 272-9484

Le Lutétia
Le Lutétia is an architectural gem, the palace of all celebrations and the celebrations of all palates. The place was crowned with four Diamonds from the CAA/AAA, the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence (for its cellar), and also the Gold Medal of Merit.
Hôtel de la Montagne, 1430, rue de la Montagne.
Reservations: (514) 288-5656

Le P'tit Bonheur
Adjacent to the Corona Theatre, this bistro features grilled specialties, beer flavoured dishes and a beautiful decor celebrating Quebec's artists and music.
2496, rue Notre-Dame Ouest.
Reservations: (514) 931-0500

With the passing seasons, the chefs prepare classically refined cuisine, marvelously accented with new discoveries and spontaneous inspiration. The elegant décor, signed by Luc Laporte, offers the perfect setting for this precise, delicious, accomplished cuisine.
1045, rue Laurier Ouest. Reservations (514) 270-0999

Le Piment Rouge
Considered "The most elegant Chinese restaurant in Canada" by The Gazette, The Piment Rouge, located in the historic Le Windsor Building, has also been awarded the Prize of Excellence from Wine Spectator, and Four Diamonds by the CAA/AAA.
1170, rue Peel. Reservations: (514) 866-7816

Le Paris
For more than forty years, this restaurant has been offering top-quality French cuisine, simple yet carefully prepared. In the dining room, where every table is adorned with flowers, reigns a warm and convivial atmosphere.
1812, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest. Reservations: (514) 937-4898

Le Persil Fou
Within the old, stone walls of this restaurant located just across from the Théâtre du Rideau Vert, everybody feels at home. Its French and internationally-inspired cuisine invites diners on a true voyage of the senses, thanks to the creativity of the new chef.
4669, rue Saint-Denis. Reservations: (514) 284-3130

Completely renovated last October, the Mikado offers a lively ambience as well as refined first quality products from the sea, extra fine fish and a complete inventory of makis. An excellent address for sushi lovers.
368, rue Laurier Ouest. Reservations: (514) 279-4809

Les Continents
In one of Montreal's most beautiful dining rooms, the Inter-Continental's gourmet restaurant offers an innovative menu where Quebec products are artistically highlighted. Les Continents has been hailed by the CAA/AAA, who awarded it Four
Diamonds in 2001.
Hôtel Inter-Continental, 360, rue Saint-Antoine Ouest.
Reservations: (514) 847-8729

Les Remparts
A historical high point that proudly displays the traces of its timeworn past, this restaurant also epitomizes a high point in fine French and regional Quebec cuisines. Les Remparts, A recipient of the Prix Ulysse 2001, at the Grands Prix du Tourisme québécois, is dedicated to culinary excellence.
Le chef: Janik Bouchard
93, rue de la Commune Est. Reservations: (514) 392-1649

Nuances (PRICEY)
Nuances has been awarded the more prestigious distinctions as Five Diamonds from the CAA/AAA. The restaurant offers a modern and refined cuisine, an exceptional wine list, and a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River.
1, avenue du Casino, Casino de Montréal, Île Notre-Dame.
Reservations: (514) 392-2708

Opus II
This place manages to capture the spirit and essence of Montreal. An urban glasshouse concept confers on the ensemble a very current cachet; very comfortable with its amber coloured wood and soft upholstery. Cuisine from the South of France is the real star here, a feast of subtle flavours.
Hôtel Omni Mont-Royal, 1050, rue Sherbrooke Ouest.
Reservations: (514) 985-6252

Restaurant Julien
Located in the heart in of Montreal, Restaurant Julien is famous for its Paris-inspired décor as well as its refined and diversified cuisine enhancing Quebec regional products.
1191, rue Union. Reservations: (514) 871-1581

Salle Gérard Delage (BIG FAN)
The restaurant of the Institut de Tourisme et d'Hôtellerie du Québec confers on regional cuisine and Quebec-grown products all the cachet they deserve. Menus created and served by students will please the most discerning taste buds.
Hôtel de l'Institut, 3535, rue saint-Denis.
Reservations: (514) 282-5161

Samuel de Champlain
Let us welcome you into our new restaurant, Samuel de Champlain, with its warm and relaxing atmosphere. Let your taste buds savour the perfumes of local and Mediterranean cuisine prepared by our renowned Executive Chef Christian Ferreira.
Marriott Château Champlain Montréal. 1, Place du Canada.
Reservations: (514) 878-9000

Here chef Normand Laprise adapts his menu according to market availability, always striving to highlight the best possible ingredients. It is also the professional service, refined ambience, and warm atmosphere extended by its co-owner, Christine Lamarche.
3842, rue Saint-Denis. Reservations : (514) 499-2084

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, where East meets West, Zawedeh presents an unforgettable gastronomic voyage.
Best Western Ville-Marie Hôtel & Suites, 3407, rue Peel.
Reservations: (514) 288-4141

I hope this helps.

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