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Hi everyone. I"m a cook in a touristy area of Montreal. In the past years Montreal has seemed to be experiencing a change in restaurant clientele. Rather than have the dinner as the main event of the night, customers are now coming in early and leaving quickly. At the restaurant I work at with 50 seats, we do 3 turnovers during a five hour service. What ever happened to sitting down for 2 or 3 hours and enjoying good food, good wine, and good company?

Even worse, we can't even have a menu without a hamburger because "that's what people want to eat" I've been told. Molecular gastronomy barely exists here and fine dining restaurants seem to be a dying breed.

What's happening here? Anyone from Montreal noticing this? I'm pretty close to leaving this city just because I can't bear to make another hamburger...
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I've seen that happening a bit. Money is tight so less apps being ordered, or only apps. We all have to tighten our belts. It's made food costing a neat little rollercoaster the past two years or so.Hamburgers are a staple that is relatively inexpensive. Even a gussied up one with exotic ingredients won't go over the twenty dollar mark unless you start going into the ridiculous. I still haven't found a really good burger joint in Montreal. Jukebox in the west island had some promise, then all the reviews fell flat.

By the by, hamburgers don't have to be the slap the patty on the flattop variety. You can always make good, fresh hamburgers something to be proud of, and make it a signature dish. It requires some work grinding the meat, finding the right bun, but the end product is worth it.

As far as molecular gastronomy goes I find it interesting, but not something I'd want to play with or eat.

p.s. Which resto are you at so I can drop in and have a bite?
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Looks like you guys are getting Americanized. We all need to go over to Italy, so they could show us how to enjoy the finer pleasures in life.............................ChefBillyB
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I am with you Chef Billy, Europe !

Alex, I would love to know which part of Montreal you are working at it the Old Port ?  I find that tourists don't want to sit and get into the whole "lets have apps wine and dine for 4 hour routine", they just want to save money , eat and see the sites.

As far as hamburgers go ....well lets face it,  depending the area , yes, there are going to be alot of restaurants catering to families with children , they have to cover "steak" to "burger" to get the clientele.

There are too many restaurants with so many diverse cultures influencing our palates that when you drive up and down St. Catherine or St. Denis or any main road , just so many wonderful restaurants to choose from.

Nothing wrong with a good Hamburger, but there is more to Montreal than just that.....(FWIW I would be happy to eat at your restaurant)

Maybe you are tired of your job, but never Montreal.

Jobs are hard right now, there is stress everywhere. The economy is unstable, people are just cutting back a little and we are all feeling it.

Montreal is just one of many cities that are going through a "phase".

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