Money vs. love!

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Just signed on to do 4 gigs for the Spinal cord Injury Project faculty meetings at Rutgers. Means entering into the state accounting system - yick! Felt like I spent my 'profit' time filling out the state vendor forms!

And, i decided to give them slam-bang lunches for their money, as a heart-project, because SCI research is so near and dear to my heart! Just did the first one today; it's amazing to hear all these Ph.D types shake their heads at something simple and say 'how do you do that?'! I just smiled and said they work their magic in the labs, and I work mine in the kitchen!!!!
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You go girl!! :D Don't you find it to be much more fun and satisfying to be doing something you love for a cause you love?



What did you make them?? :lips: Im kinda hungry and even a description would be filling right now. :lol:


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Most of the time being an "official" vendor only means you get paid later. Of course there are ways around this. Hope it works out for you.

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Yeah, Kuan, I know about the 'you'll get your check in two weeks'!

Shawty, the menu was a no brainer; grilled lemon-rosemary-garlic chicken with a lemon/roasted garlic aioli; croissants (homemade, thank you very much!); baby potato salad with sour cream and fresh mixed herb dressing; yellow and red pear tomato salad with basil oil; and my very own killer brownies!

And yes, I did find it immensely satisfying! I told them I was feeding them brain food so they could all go back to their labs and find the cure for spinal cord injury!
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Did you say "Killer Brownies"????? Care to share the recipes on the Recipe Exchange? I need some killer brownies. Pleeeeeeeease:bounce:
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We hosted a fundraiser last night for a local group called the Family Services Alliance. I let them use my space, and provided them with the appetizers at my cost. They had a good turn out and I think their event went well. It was a wash for me.
BUT... The event was heavily advertised. They had several local TV interviews, countless radio and TV community event blurbs, and some nice write-ups in the local paper. And our business was mentioned every time.....It goes to show you. You can't buy what you have to give away to get.
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"You can't buy what you have to give away to get". So true, Peach! I already have 3 more gigs from the profs who were at the luncheon!
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