Mom's Day

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Well its almost here.The big day and night in our biz. This is always for me the most busy day of the year for us food service people.If you have worked a moms day ever in this biz you know what I mean. I am helping out a friend who owns his own restaurant for a second job this day and man I know its going to be crazy but,this is what I love! The action & the pressure of pushing ourselves to the limit.Granted it will probably be an 18 hour day but I still enjoy this heat.
I will be working off of a menu , no suprises realy, just a lot more covers.
So what are you all going to do in your food establishments to make this a great experience for mom and those who want to show there appreciation to the one we all love? Doug......................


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I get to dodge it entirely. My Mom's dead, Dad divorced from the second wife. My wife hates the holiday. But she gets respect and pampering all the time.

Peace at last.

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We do brunch and our resos are filling up quick. We should max out by next week. Its one of only a few days a year I pry my butt out of bed at 4am to do my baking. Then I do eggs and omelets on the floor and get to schmooze. Loads of cash and my day is over by 2pm. :)
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I try to bake something that all the mothers in my family enjoys and whatever requests I get from other friend's mothers.
For the last couple of years, my mango mousse was widely requested and as of late, I'm called upon to make my ever so constantly tweaked and developing orange cake. Looks like I stalked up in chocolate for nothing :rolleyes:

Fruit seems to be the fad now. I've noticed that even for valentines day, theres been fewer requests for chocolate items...or is it just me?
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First mothers day off in 18 years,

So a little snuggling and a late breakfast is on the menu this year. (if our kids allow us the indulgence)
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WOW cape chef, you finally made it to the real world!I am sure the day will be made so much more enjoyable by the memories of your past mothers days spent catering to others.Enjoy this day my friend and please sleep in if possible!
Peace and congrats again on the new gig, Doug...........................

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