molecular mixology using an ISI

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Hey everyone 

So its not a cooking or work question i have but being the summer and having just bought a new ISI siphon i was wondering what kind of cool shooters or cocktails could be made in this to really give the wow factor using simple ingredients. 

Any suggestions would be great. 

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best start is to check the website, they have many basic recipes to get you started.

you can also get the ISI app, and even download a basic recipe book.

the Ferran Adria El Bulli DVDs also have a load of recipes, but they are in Spanish languages and need to be manually translated.

basics is that using CO2 is for carbonating beverages, and use N2O for foaming foods.

if you use CO2 for things such as whipped cream you will get a slight "salty" taste coming through because of the sensory factor of the gas reaction on taste buds.
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