molecular gastronomy for the serious home foodie

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Hi there - so glad I found this site!  We are serious home chefs and I would love to try my hand at molecular gastronomy.  Any ideas where I can find cookbooks devoted to molecular gastronomy recipes as well as where I can purchase home chef sized equipment and powders?  I have a science background, so I understand the basics - but have sampled the fare and would love to be able to create/recreate some of the fun things at home.
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Cookingranny, you're awfully late to jump on the molecular gastronomy bus!

It's dead beyond reanimation! Even Ferran Adriá, the molecular gastronomy pope left the building.

The contempory culinary world however enjoys using devices dating from the molecular gastronomy era; the Thermomix, Roner, Pacojet etc.

The new key word in gastronomy is "local sourcing" (and I might add slow food).
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Try googling Heston Blumenthal!  I don't know if his books are available in the  USA.

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I don't like molecular gastronomy, sure it's for when you want to do something different once in a while but that's about it. I'm sure Heston is a very skilled chef but some of the food I see him cook miss ne vital ingredient, SOUL!
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late or not, give it a's about what you want to do, not what is "cool". I posted some links for you in your first post.  best of luck.
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