molecular gastronomy chef !

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    What to start or study being a molecular gastronomy chef? 
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    The very first step - go get a job in a restaurant that actually cooks - see if you like it and / or can hack it.

    Then decide if you want to go into debt - or rather take that school money and travel and work- much better in my opinion.

    Go get a degree if you want - it will help open doors and understand terminology.  Then get out there and get experience cooking for the best chef's that will accept you.   Keep your eyes and ears open - you'll do a lot of mise but you'll get to see how things work.

    Classics - most modern stuff is a play on the traditional with different textures and / or temps or using different ingredients to 'perfect' a certain aspect of a dish.

    If you don't know how to do the fundamentals and what they should / look and taste like it is rather hard to play around and actually accomplish anything.

    A lot of Molecular-Gastronomy is proper mise-en-place... way more so than traditional cooking.   Some places have recipes that would turn Escoffier off due to the multi-stage complexity.  Make sure you're strong in math - particularly percentages and ratios.  Knife skills are good.

    Good luck - keep us posted.
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    I was completely blank.

    Went to Barcelona, 4,5 months stage in a 2 star Michelin restaurant, and Im now first in line for the first available paid position at this restaurant. 

    Knock on their doors, show interest, work, keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. Many restaurants including this one have apartments where they let u live for free, as long as you work for them.

    Id say that beats going to school.
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