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Hello restaurant professionals,

I work 14 hour shifts and have a problem with sweaty feet.  While working with sweaty feet and having constant moisture in my shoes from cleaning, my feat have developed moldy calluses on the toes.  They smell terrible and they hurt very badly.  They commonly occur on my little toes.  Do you guys experience the same problems?  I wear good shoes and try to wear good socks, however, the calluses are getting worse.  Any suggestions?


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Wear shoes that breathe, like Danskos or Sanitas which have some kind of way of letting moisture out, or Crocs.

Wear wool socks, Smartwool socks are very good.
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I agree a doctor's visit is a must. Mold and fungus on feet are a serious concern. 

You should also bring extra socks and an extra pair of shoes to work. When your feet get wet, stop and change your socks and shoes. 

Don't wear the wet shoes until they dry out. 
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What "good shoes" do you wear? It can make a big difference. Also, consider insoles; some "good shoes" (I'm looking at you, Dansko!) don't have much padding inside
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Keep your feet clean. Wash them daily . Use an anti fungal powder or athletes foot medicine.

See a Podiatrist before you develop Cellulitis, which really hurts

Calluses develop where skin is rubbing against something, which indicates to me shoes are not fitted correctly.
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Birkenstocks have a nice wide front so the dont rub anywhere. Super birkis or professional birkis are great. Get good socks and multiple pairs.
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Learned 45 yrs. ago from surgeons and beat cops. Always by 2 pair of work shoes. Break them both in and switch a pair everyday and make sure the pair you're not wearing is getting air to completely dry for the next day.. Buy cotton or wool socks that absorb moisture. 

After seeing the doc. find a way to let your feet get some air and a sock change a couple of time a shift. Those feet are some of your most important tools in this trade,

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