molding chocolate - what am I doing wrong?

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I have been molding chocolates for years, and have never experienced this problem before. I recently began molding large (8 ounce) chocolate bars. The first couple turned out just fine. Now I'm getting a light colored spotting (freckling), or a frosty/flakey appearance on both the top and the bottom of the bar. I first thought I might have overheated the chocolate. Once web site said to remelt the chocolate and add butter. That didn't help, so I threw out the chocolate and started again. The second time I made sure the chocolate never got hot (still using the double boiler and adding grated chocolate at the end to cool it down). Yicks! Still having the problem. So I tried different brands of chocolate... and I've tried cooling the bars on the counter instead of the refrigerator. No luck. Could it be that my
kitchen is too cold this time of year (we do keep a cool house -- temperature in the kitchen is less than 65 degrees). Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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What chocolate are you using? Is it what is known as coating ? Is it Baker's chocolate or a chocolate with a high content of cocoa butter?
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I was using molding chocolate; Wilton and a local brand. I've used both before (for about 5 years) without having this problem, so I'm tempted to say it's not the chocolate.
The molds were new this fall and haven't been used much. First couple of bars were o.k. Since then it's been a total disaster.
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Make mousse not war with ill tempered chocolate.
Try adding a hard fat (shortening) to your wilton molding chocolate. That is the primary fat in the coating chocolate and will bring your "chocolate" a nice balance. Even with a coating chocolate try to "temper" by adding cool chocolate to the warmed.
With molding chocolate try to melt over hot water off the fire, it may take a little longer but may help.
Water is enemy no.1 to chocolate, even the coating kind, so beeee careful.
It could have been an off batch of chocolate out of the factory!

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