Molded chocolate workflow

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hoping someone can help me with some workflow questions. I've recently taken over the pastry role in a small tasting menu restaurant and we'd like to produce molded chocolate truffles for either mignardise or take-aways. We have 5 poly trays of molds that hold 40/tray and we'd like to produce roughly that many per week (200). Time and space is tight so I'd like to do this in one go, once per week. The problem I'm having is I don't know the proper workflow for creating this many candies at once. We do not have a tempering machine so it would be stovetop tempering. Is it possible to do that in one go with one big bowl of chocolate? In the past I've made truffles, but always discarded the chocolate after filling the molds. Is it a bad idea to put chocolate from the molds back into the large batch of tempered chocolate? (i.e. fill the molds with chocolate, let the shell set (1-2 mins) then when tipping the chocolate out, can that be tipped back into the large batch?) Also, any tips for large batch tempering of chocolate? We don't have a marble slab so the seeded method is really the only one. The real question is how can I keep a large batch of chocolate tempered for the time it takes to produce 200 molded candies? We have minimal equipment for this kind of operation and I'd be tempering over a double boiler then using ambient heat from a frenchtop to maintain temperature. 

Is this too much to do without a tempering machine? I'm worried about maintaining the temperature of the tempered chocolate during the time it takes to fill 200 molds with filling. I know I can retemper if I lose it but I really need to work fast and efficiently to get this done in the timeframe that I have (~1hr). If anyone has some insight into a workflow it would be much appreciated. 


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It can be done, but ask for a melter anyways.

Go down to a drugstore or Mal*Wart and get an electric heating blanket. This won't be precise, but for keeping 3-4 kgs of couverture warm it'll get you in the ball park. Ive seen other guys rig up stuff with 60 watt lightbulbs, computrr fans, and styrofoam cases

Working with chocolate over a french top stove is a lousy idea, and stove top waterbaths are lousy too--if the water ever gets too hot steam will escape and condense right into your chocolate. You need to work in an area that is 15-20 c ambient temp, and no more than 65%rH, otherwise you'll just get frustrated and p*ss off the chocolate as well. Working over a french top will not permit this.

Seeding method works great, I must have done over 500kgs this way in the last year alone, tabeling is messy, fussy, and time consuming.

200 bon bons ( candy for me is that cheap crap you give away at halloween....) @ 40/mold is only 5 molds, not such a big deal. I'd fill the molds, vibrate or tap, drain back into the pot, and "drip dry" on parchment. Throw these crumbs back into the pot only when you're done.

Hope this helps....
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