Moist cakes vs cupcakes

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Hello chefs! I've noticed recently that recipes that come out perfect and moist as round or bundt cakes seem somewhat drier in cupcake form. I'm very careful to take them out when they're just done but not so moist that the paper comes off when they cool, so I don't think I'm over baking them. Is it simply the extra surface area that makes them dry out more quickly? I'm making a lot of mini cupcakes for an event on Wednesday night and any help is appreciated!
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The extra surface area coupled with the small size causes cupcakes, and more so mini cupcakes, to bake much more quickly. You have to shorten the baking tome significantly. You can also try and up the moisture in the batter a bit.

Hope your even worked out :)

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Definitely. The reason a bunt pan has a hole in the center is specifically because the batter has a much higher moisture/fat content. I find that bunt recipes also usually have a lot more eggs than a regular cake.

To be honest, I don't really find the recipes interchangeable between bundt and cupcakes. The texture of them is usually different.

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