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Here's the shorthand of an olive oil noodle recipe:

62.5% Tapioca starch (100g)
62.5% water (100g)
Seal and sous vide 80C/176F 2h
Measure 80g paste, and keep warm

100% olive oil (160g)
Heat to 30C/85F

3.1% salt (5g)
2.5% 300 bloom gelatine (4g)
LM Pectin 1.25% (2g)
.44% Agar (.7g)
Dry blend

75% mineral water (120g)
Whisk powder into water. Bring to a boil.

Blend paste into warm water solution. Remove from heat and blend by hand over ice until completely cool and fluid. Slowly blend in warmed olive oil until fully emulsified.

Transfer mix to pastry bag, still warm. Extrude noodles into cool but fluid olive oil. Refrigerate and allow to set.

Ok -- so what's the tapioca paste doing here? Why not just gel the oil by itself and have done?

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Isn't tapioca what is used to make powdered oils?  Maybe the gel can't hold the oil well enough without the tapioca.  I'm not much of a molecular gastronomist so just a guess.
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For those following with bated breath:

You can't just gel oil, or indeed any fat, because gelling materials aren't fat-soluble. So there are various tricks for making fat behave differently that will allow it to bind with water and gelling materials.

That's why.

I'm glad you asked.

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