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hi all, anyone out there with firsthand knowledge(or any knowledge) of owning/operating a mobile food truck?...seem to remember  someone recently...are you still out there? any recommendations as to what type of truck...step van, trailer etc..i don't need any health code/zoning info...more interested in the' how tos' of doing rallies, fairs, rodeos you have to be licensed for each state?is there some sort of national website?...what would i google? to get a 'place' at these shows, is it like winning the lottery, or someone has to die, or you need to know some guys named vinny and tony? thanks for any help, info or direction...


 sorry, just noticed a similar thread on the catering concern, but no knowledge of, is how difficult would it be to keep the pipes and water tanks from freezing in the winter?...we're talking rocky mountain winter...not north carolina winter...what happens to all those food trucks in the pacific northwest during the winter? do they just close up shop and go to mexico? would be be like heating your house? do they build trucks for rougher, tougher alaska? whew.... thanks again....
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Well here's a killer, Joey.

On a whim, I starterd to type "mobile food trucks" into the google search box. Got as far as "mobile foo...." and the complete phrase appeared as a search parameter. Clicked on it, and voila! Everything from manufacturers to licensing info.

So, this is a case where google really is your friend. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif
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