"Mixed Greens" under a salad's description means....??????

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This evening, an irate [first time] customer complained that her "mixed greens" salad did not contain arugula; she insisted that "any salad anywhere will contain arugula if the chef states the blend is of 'mixed greens'..."   I believe that in a mid-to-higher-end restaurant, the chef's "mixed greens" can vary.  Meaning, hypothetically speaking, the greens can be any type of leaf in stock for that day (although from a customers point of view, I understand that this blend shouldn't vary drastically from day to day... and in this case, it doesn't.  Arugula isn't ever an ingredient.)

Do you agree or disagree that "mixed greens" should always contain arugula?
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I don't agree (with the irate customer). To me, it's like arguing that...

- Mixed fruits should always contain pineapple

- Mixed nuts should always contain cashews

- Mixed seafood should always contain crab

- Mixed sorbets should always contain raspberry sorbet

.... you get the idea.
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I think mixed nuts should always have cashews /img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif

If I chose mixed greens, I expect the Chef to use a flavorful blend of the freshest available greens.

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If I could quote the both of you in one response, I would!  I'm with the both of you 100%.  Fries, the idea you portray is the exact thought I had when this customer's verbal complaint became a following phone call AND email.

Pan, the exec uses the freshest available greens (as many local as possible, but always incorproates spinach regardless of the other greens.)  It may be a typical spring blend one day and a mixed herb and romaine blend the next, but spinach is always the #1 leaf.  This way, it never strays too far from what most people enjoy, yet it's always full of fresh flavor.  This doesn't always mean arugula.
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I looked at all the blends/mixed salad whatever in my order guide, not one offered Arugula.........I feel it's up to the Chef to pick the blend their want to serve. This can vary with availability, season, or what ever their feel is best to serve ............ChefBillyB
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I'd offer money that the customer has been watching TV chefs and has just discovered arugala. Those people throw it in everything.

The idea that any mixed greens salad always contains X is silly on the face of it. Practically by definition, mixed greens is always chef's choice.
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