Mishmash menu....

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I've been asked to cater a 50th birthday party for a florist that is flying in from Dallas (others are coming in from all over the country) April 5th. The one of the hostesses
has given 5-6 parties I've catered and I love working with.

So now the scenerio: Building AB does photo shoots in with a kitchen on the second floor (electric stove and oven)
Florist has a friend that survived mouth cancer and needs bland soft food. His dad is diabetic, the crowd has alot of wealthy older women. He wants Champagne and loads of it.(someone else is providing the booze). "peasant food" loads of good bread, cajun, soul and Italian. That's where I get jammed. Oh man, I really think out my menus to where they seem balanced for the guests, for the price, for the site......
So limited food budget, 30-35 people, apps, buffet (dessert coming).

Italian part is pasta with chicken broth based sauce, asparagus, garlic, onions, peas, grated cheese......

Peasant food.....IDEAS please of a semi sane menu.
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How about a version of Grits and Grillades? If you use pork instead of veal, it shouldn't be all that expensive. But mmmmmm it fits the bill for everybody! :D
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You know Shrrom,whenever I think of you I think of spring and the excitment of getting your market underway,talking with farmers and chefs.

I like things like eggplant roulards stuffed with roasted peppers,pinenuts and goatcheese over spring greens with a red wine vinaigrette.

Brie and leek tarlettes laced with a dijon vinaigrette.
Ratatoulle napoleans on bibb.
Game and shroom sausages with lentil salad.
smoked breast of turkey with cous cous,tossed with pecon,sundried berries and a poppy seed dressing.

Buffalo style chicken salald with celery and blue cheese
Grilled veal with pancetta,favas and cippoloni onions
creamy rissoto tossed with trumpets,grass and juilienne of smoked duck breast

pepper scallops with fennel-orage salad and basil aioli
roasted halibut with green olive tapinade,tabuleh and parsly vinaigrette

sloooooooooooooow braised lamb shanks with cippolinis,baby fennel and ramps served with mashed spring creamerrs.
bbq chicken with jalipeno corn bread and collards.
grilled quial with pancetta and wilted spinach

roasted breast of chicken with Wisconsen whipped potatoes and a honey-thyme reduction

That's it for now,gotta get back to work
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Love the grits....I did a polenta (Italian grit souffle for the hostess at her last party)

Yep, working on a market fundraiser for May 28th....STL women chefs cooking local food. Getting in stragglers for the market....opens May 31. Planning menus for a Farm wedding Sept 20th....cool menu, I'll write it in another thread.

The common thread throughout peasant food...is beans, rice and flat bread.

I have a ton of local black beans....they are not Cajun or southern...unless you head to Fla. My south is black eyed peas or Cajun red beans and rice.....Jambayla is always great.....greens with ham hocks......I could see twisting it some ie...chard or kale stuffed with rice and black eyed peas for a side...
but I got the distinct impression the birthday boy wants the real deal....IT JUST DOESN"T MESH IN MY HEAD>

baby corn muffins hollowed out and filled with crawfish/shrimp and spicy tomatoes
*I just have pickled okra with cream cheese and ham rolls on the brain....love um, but oh so tupperware party.
fillo cups with chevre and think think think
Asparagus with proscuitto????
Catfish nuggets with cocktail sauce

It's not jelling yet

Black eyed peas or Red Beans
Cole Slaw
Greens and corn bread
Ham and biscuits
Spring salad with buttermilk dressing
Pasta with peas, asparagus, garlic, etc...

A work in short progress......
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Hey Shroomgirl , maybe a pasta type primavera can work for this party also . Low food cost and good eats . You can use what you can garner from your local farmers and hit it with fettuccini , olive oil , Garlic of course , and your favorite hard grated cheese , ( Maybe a combo of fresh parm and Romano on top with your favorite fresh herbs( Basil is good here ) . Yum , Gimme some good bread and Im a happy camper . Good luck my friend , Doug..........................
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