Mini Pastries for Brunch

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A friend asked me to come up with some mini pastries to complement quiches she is planning for a baby shower she is hosting next month. She was thinking maybe mini cinnamon rolls, but she wants them frosted to look like miniature wedding cakes. Since it will be in November, I suggested maybe pumpkin also. She seems flexible as long as it is not too sweet, which makes me think a cream cheese frosting when going for the wedding cake look. I only have a month to get some samples made and presented for approval, and to practice and polish before the real deal. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Wait, she wants mini wedding cakes for a baby shower?

Anyway, mini wedding cakes got me thinking mini cheesecakes or petit fours. Maybe decorate with royal icing (simple lines and dots) and candied/eatable flowers.
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Ok, was about to reply before but didn;t.  I can't see how cinnamon rolls can be easily frosted like little wedding cakes, and what is the point of putting that much sugar on something essentially bready, even the amount of sugar in a cream cheese frosting.  One thing is a little frosting drizzled on top, another is covering the bumpiness of cinnamon rolls with enough frosting for them to be smooth enough to resemble wedding cakes!.  The appeal of cinnamon rolls is that they are bready, and there is some sweetness in them.  But put too much frosting on them and they just become bready cakes, which doesn't sound appealing to me. 

Some people have some very silly ideas, I think, maybe stimulated by silly tv shows of crazy weddings where people spend so much they could buy a house.  Little wedding cakes for a shower, let;s make everything like a wedding cake, even the cinnamon rolls - it doesn't seem like the kind of problem that lends itself to a good solution.  .

Maybe pumpkin muffins?  mini pumpkin pies?  or perhaps small pumpkin cupcakes, cut off the rounded top and turn upside down, and decorated as wedding cakes with cream cheese frosting, if she really must have the wedding cake effect, which, as babytiger points out, is kind of weird for a baby shower anyway.
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Thank you so much! I had not thought of muffins upside down. That opens up more possibilities! As for why miniature wedding cakes.....hey, I wouldn't be bothering with it at all if it wasn't for a dear the customer gets what she wants...

I appreciate the assist....I was brain locked there and had almost decided to just go with pound cake or lemon poppy seed cake cut horizontally and then cut with a biscuit cutter for the wedding cake shapes. The muffins idea is perfect and simple.

Thanks again!
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There are other options.  If you want to do mini-layer cakes, bake whatever kind of cake you desire to whatever thickness you want in sheetpans, cut rounds with a biscuit cutter, fill, stack and frost.  You can easily do tiered stacks if you want to stay with a wedding motif.

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