Military wife turned culinary student aspiring to be the best chef I can be.

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My name is Casey I'm a little more than half way through culinary school and loving it more and more. I am 24 years old and have been married for over 4 years. I live in Southeastern Connecticut. I'm excited to get to know everyone here and learn so much more.
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Hi Casey! We're glad you found us, and we know you'll be glad you did as well. I bet you've found the culinary students' forum, where you can comiserate with other students and get some good tips on making the most of the experience. If you use the search tool, you can read earlier posts and threads for even more info.

Besides the discussion forums we have cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, wikis, photos... LOTS of good stuff.

Since you're in CT, you might search for others who live there, too. Two longtime members, Momoreg (pastry) and Cape Chef (the "hot side") live in the general vicinity, and there are lots of other "Nutmeggers" around here.

What inspired you to cook? Was there someone or an experience that piqued your interest? Any ideas what direction you're headed in the Culinary field (pastry, etc.)?

We hope to see you as often as your busy life allows. Best wishes for continued success!


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