Might be taking on some new responsibilities...

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May be making a shift here, soon. Maybe... to that position that starts with "F&B" and ends with "Director".

Now... I have all the spreadsheets, standard sheets, monthly revenue/expense tracking sheets that I have created over the years. But, that said... anyone have suggestions for good software designed for F&B Operations?

Any input is appreciated. I'm looking for hands-on experience and opinions, please.
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Does your POS have reporting capability? Some of them can tally menu components and high/low order triggers you can reconcile against actual inventory. If you source through a single distributor/vendor, instead of multiple accounts, some of them have site-software to make tracking, forcasting and logistics a little easier.

Small house, no "advanced" systems, multiple vendors? There are lost of free MS-Access databases you could taylor/adapt.

Commerical software exists, is expensive and needs to be setup/training done to get full use.

Now that you're FBM, you're also on the hook to track loss and identify shrink. God Speed.  :D
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Hard to tell what you are getting into from your post. How big a place? Food you have been doing, how much beverage do they sell? Who reports to you? Will you be able to hire the for the spot you are vacating (or is this 'promotion' just a chance to do two jobs for one salary)?

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