mid 30's and changing life's path

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    Hello everyone. New to this area. I've been a "home cook" for quite a while. Currently own a couple of gyms and do nutritional consultations for athletes and overweight clients. Have lost my passion for that and have recently decided to explore options in the culinary field, whether that be working in an establishment or adding one on to one of my gyms. Not really sure what to make of it yet but cooking is a passion that has withstood time in my life and I'm hoping to possibly venture that way. Thanks for the welcome!
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    Welcome pheedno glad you joined cheftalk. You will find a lot of like minded people here who have a passion for food and cooking and wanted to make a switch. I am on the opposite side of your situation I started in the food world and moved out. I like your idea of setting up a place within one of your gyms it would be a great way to marry your two passions. 

    Your best bet would be to post in either the Food & Cooking forums or in the culinary school forums. We have so many career changers we should probably start one dedicated to just that.