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Hello All!

I am in the process of starting a small business that specializes in cultivating microgreens, edible flowers, and other garnishes. I am needing to put together a survey for my entrepreneurship class. I would need to distribute this survey to chefs in Orange County, I was hoping I might get some insight from some of you fine chefs here.

Would you be interested in procuring microgreens and other garnishes from a local, organic supplier?
What specific microgreens/garnishes would you be interested in?
What price would you be willing to pay for said goods?
Where would you prefer to purchase these products from?

If I need to place this in a different forum, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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I currently source my micros, herbs and leaf lettuces from a small organic family farm, and a lot of chefs I know in the city use them as well. They're prices are great (about $15 a case). They come in living and have a decent shelf life before cutting them. I always prefer local growers to big producers for everything possible. With the micros, I usually get daikon, mustard greens, cabbage, dandelion, and whatever else they happen to have. The guests absolutely love the product as well.. noticeable difference compared to "spring mix"

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