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We spent our anniversary at the new "Shore House" in Stamford, CT. Some of you remember the locale as Beacon, with Waldy Malouf as exec. chef. The site is now notorious for fast turnover of restaurants, unfortunately. Shore House opened about 2 months ago, and since they don't take reservations for parties under 6, we weren't sure if we'd have any luck getting a table at 8 on a Friday night. We were told that the wait would be 20 minutes, which we didn't mind, since the bar area also has seating outside, overlooking a scenic marina.

45 minutes later, we were seated. Had it not been for the gorgeous views, and the great table we were seated at, we would have had something to say about the wait.

The atmosphere is super casual, with plastic tablecloths outside, and rickety (read:uncomfortable) captain's chairs at the tables. I assume they achieve quick customer turnover this way. The menu is typical seafood fare; nothing you haven't seen before.

We ordered the N.E. clam chowder, which, surprisingly, had only a couple of small bits of clam, with lots of poatatoes, and a thin broth. Although bacon was mentioned on the menu description, we were hard-pressed to find any bacon flavor.

Jordan ordered a fried cod sandwich on brioche, which was accompanied by crunchy yummy french fries, skin-on, and some mediocre cole slaw.

My dish was a simple steamed 1 pound lobster, perfectly done.

We didn't order dessert; the menu wasn't at all unique, so it didn't seem worth the extra calories.

Would we return there? Well, for drinks and apps, on a pretty summer night, yes. But on a cold or rainy day, I wouldn't see the point.
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Happy Annerversary to you and Jordan.

I was under the impression that Michael Lamonaco was opening there?

Do you know if this is his?

It really doesn't sound to interesting.

OPPS! Nevermind:eek: :cool:

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