Meringue topped sweet potato casserole from Eating well

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Broiler in this case simply means that only the top element of the oven gets hot. Look for the setting on the oven. Most ovens give you the choice of bake or broil. Go for the latter. It might also ask for a temperature or Hi/Low preference. I'm not sure exactly what oven you have, but in mine, I crack the door so that it can get super hot. Otherwise, the oven will regulate itself. By positioning the rack just below the element, the maximum amount of heat can be transfered to the meringue. I make something similar for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but top it with a crumble of flour, dark brown sugar, cold butter, and either pecans or walnuts. This recipe sounds good as well.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the reply I will check my oven when I get home to see if I have those settings. Your recipe sounds good as well, would you mind sharing it? I might compare it to the one I have and whichever is easier I will make that one :) 


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