Merigue topped cake

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Hi everyone I saw a great cake the other day it was sponge with merigue on top and the bottom, the merigue was attached and all crispy, the centre was whipped cream with berries ( looked like raspberries), I wonder can anyone help me with a recipe for this description, I have 2 cafes and would like to put on the menu, many thanks Sabra
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....was it dried/baked meringues or fresh meringues toasted?

Either way, this will be a hard item to keep at peak appearance. The berries in the whip cream only have 2 days shelf life before they look really bad. Depending upon your volume (can you assemble this every other day?) you might be best making this individual portions to cut down on waste (but it increases your daily work).

First things first, what type of meringue was it?
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Hi Cafe chef,
I did my own thing this morning, and the meringue cracked, I used a pavlova meringue, maybe too stiff, the one I saw was golden Brown, but was soft in the centre, I would love some help though, I know what you mean about the berries might make it with apple instead, I can have the chefs or myself make it daily that is not a problem as our cafes make everything.
thanks for the reply
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