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Merci Chiffonade,

You are right to correct my spelling, As you get to know me you will find that spelling is not one of my strong points, Be that as it may, I take great pride in helping others on cheftalk.

Thank you for sharing my short comings with this wonderful community
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Spelling isn't important...

I've always been able to figure out the misspelled words here on Cheftalk.

What is important is that you're helping people, CC!:)
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Creativity and caring are such incredible traits you have....they far outshine the misspellings.....I can follow everything you type and even get a kick out of the boo boos.....CC, I'm so glad you share your food rifts...keep um coming and don't let alittle grief get you down...we love you!!!!
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Thank you shroomgirl,

Coming from you and momoreg that means alot to me.

I have incredible respect for the work you guys do.
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Cape Chef when I was in Cambridge, our dean in King's College , Sir Collin Renfrew who is a personality in his field and a man I respect a lot, could'nt spell properly even his name.

One day he honored me by wanting me to have a look in a draft of his and my eyes were like :eek: with the mispelled words.

When he saw that, he started laughting and explained to me that he misspells so many words because he is focusing on the ideas he wants to express and he doesn't give much notice to the spelling. All that mattered to him was to make his self clear. As he told me spelling is like beauty. It's the obvious thing but it's not enough to substitute for the essence :)

I do not like the fact that there are comments for your spelling Cape Chef, especially in a culinary forum that all that matters is the taste.
If someone is so smart and perfect let us hear to the comments on your recipes.
THAT at least would be of some interest.
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As evereeone els sed, downt let the speling thing bother u. Lotz of uther peepol arownd heer kant spel eethur. The food tasts good and thatz wat cownts.

Luv ya bud,
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CC, You're lucky that spelling is your shortcoming.

Think of the guys in the community who like to wear frilly underwear, or worse, the ladies who simply aren't attracted to James Bond.

You see? There is much worse than your little spelling problem! ;)

I'd trade your talent any day for my ability to write in French...
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Actually, the concept of "correct" spelling is a rather recent idea in English, dating back only to the late 17th century. Before that most non-professional writers used phonetic spelling and reflected regional dialects.

Just look at the various spellings that people like Shakespeare and Raleigh used for thier own names.

You spell it any way you want, CC. We'll read it with joy and appreciation.

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


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Thankfully there are not penalty for spelling and/or grammar errors. If it was so, I would be the first one in the corner. :D

The guy can cook and knows what he is talking about and that is better than a guy who can spell but doesn't know his ways in the kitchen.
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Chrose you crack me up. Just the laugh I needed to turn this day around.

Cape Chef I have no doubt that if spelling were important that you would have somebody proof read or whatever because you are a professional but here I don't think anybody cares it's the content that matters and If we don't understand you are more than willing to explain yourself. Keep up the good info and have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Have we met? Frilly?
This is a great topic! I'm a little older than most and did not grow up relying on a keyboard to communicate. I have a lot of trouble keeping my thoughts paced, in order to type. Sometimes I reread my post and chuckle at the spelling. I'm also not that good a speller to begin with.
I never get aroused when someone critiques my spelling for my spouse is a professional proofreader and she corrects out of habit.
You all would laugh if you could see might right index flying around the keyboard now.:D :D :D
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Cape Chef, we love you- spelling aside, and you know that! I'd trade my eye for spelling for your artfulness with food, wine and gardening, C.C.

Besides, IMHO this isn't the place to focus on spelling. Chrose has the right perspective. Take that, Funk and Wagnall! :p
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I am a terrific speller but a really NOT TERRIFIC cook ( although I try).

Thank you all for being so nice to me anyway!

Love ~ Debbie
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