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I manage the kitchen at a very unique place in the Minnesota suburbs. We are essentially the cafeteria for a board game store, and primarily sling burgers and fries (and similar fare) most days. However, we are also attached to an office building, which provides us with a very loyal lunch crowd who tend to lean in favor of lighter, more healthy options. Burgers and fries are fine, but I'd like to grow our menu in a way that offers more diversity without turning off our core demographic (gamer nerds who like melted cheese and greasy burgers).

Last year, I tried expanding our menu with things like hummus sandwiches, teriyaki chicken & rice bowls, and some lighter flatbreads. Some things did well, some didn't, but I think it was a successful-enough experiment that I'd like to try again. To that end, I'd really appreciate any suggestions you guys might have!

Some things to know about us, in case you're curious:

* We are pretty much entirely short-order, so additions would ideally be things that could be either made on the fly, or prepared in advance and then just finished off on the line. 

* Though we are but a humble cafeteria in a relatively niche store, we get extremely busy on weeknights and Saturdays, even more so when we have a big event going on. Accordingly, additions would ideally be things that function well both in larger batches and just being held (during the slower parts of day).

* Salads have always been hit-and-miss, with the richer and sweeter ones typically doing better. The lunch crowd is more health-minded, but this is still the midwest, and ranch will always be more popular here than vinaigrette.

Anyway, thanks for the help! I'm still a little new to this industry, so advice and pointers are always super appreciated!
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Anything that you can prep ahead of time and portion and package like hummus, baba ganouj, different dips, veggie pates  etc can be sold with house made pita chips. Easily made and holds great. Soups- hot when its cold, cold when its hot. Loads of different salads, noodle salads, pasta salads etc. Wraps are also easy to have pre-made as a grab and go. Any kind of cookie or easy dessert is also good.

Good luck whatever you do!

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We're actually looking at adding a curry rice dish, so maybe a Thai salad wouldn't be too much of a stretch. Thanks for the suggestion, that's a great idea!

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