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I could use some help with menu ideas for a baby shower I'm giving. Because of many factors, I need to have this on a week night and I would like it to serve as dinner for people. I would like to be able to make most of it in advance and to possibly freeze the items.
I'm set with desserts, I'm making cupcakes, cheese cake and bar cookies and freezing until the party.
I'd love to hear suggestions.
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Are you looking for a sit down dinner?  I would suggest either a buffet or a finger food party.  Meatballs, pigs in blankets, stuffed mushrooms, dips, mini sandwiches etc.  It'll be easier to give you advice if we know more about your vision.
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I agree with the above... if you could tell us what your idea is we can help you better.

Not having that I would suggest sweet and sour meaballs in your crockpot,  lots of salads like broccoli salad, pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw, marinated mushrooms and caprese salad and cold cuts with buns. You could also do a lasagne with caesar salad if you wanted a sit down meal. 

Hope this helps/
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I agree. We need more information.

Keep in mind, though, that at an event like this the food serves a secondary function. So, as Koukouvagia notes, a buffet type spread of finger foods really makes the most sense.
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The days of little dainty are over, we took these petite little things and made them into meat eaters. Lasagna, garlic bread, antipasto salad..................Beef stroganoff over egg noodles,Caesar salad, home made rolls................... Whole Baked salmon, stir fry fresh vegetable, Salad, Garlic toast ........ChefBill
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 It's funny that I give too much info when I talk but not enough when I write. I wanted to serve enough for dinner but it will not be a sit down so buffet it is. I had lasagne, antipasto and meatballs( I have about 100 frozen)in mind but I thought that was too much of the same thing that I always make. 
I'm having the shower at 6pm and hope people will realize they will be getting dinner.
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Your meal sounds just fine.. .actually I helped a friend do that for a baby shower she threw for her son and his girlfriend.  Hers was over lunchtime so they knew they were being fed.  Sometimes making what you usually make is a good thing.. you are already comfortable with it, and know that you will have good results.  Hope the shower is a success!
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they will assume it's dinner at that time.

It's Spring so lighter makes more sense. Dttto the fact that baby showers are mainly women.

Spring Baby Shower Menus:

Entree Salads.....
Ceasar Salad with chicken around the edge or in a separate bowl
breads, rolls crackers
Fruit Salad

Or Baby Greens with asparagus, oranges (fresh supremes or mandrian), toasted pecans, honey mustard dressing or raspberry vinagrette
If you can access slab bacon make lardons, bake off and put on salad
deviled eggs
cheesey biscuits, rolls etc

Spring Chicken Pot Pie....use a lot of spring veg, baby carrots, peas....sugar snap or baby, pearl onions, new with puff pastry

Simple Green Salad


You've already got substantial desserts, having a fruit salad or skewers is a light finish for dieters or diabetics.
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Thanks so much for the suggestions. I think I'm going to do two lasagna's, one with veg and one with sausage. I'll serve meatballs on the side. I am planning a large antipasto plate with veg and meats and cheeses. Some form of bread added to all that and I think we'll be fine.
I appreciate your help.

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Hey, where's the frozen pizzas? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lookaround.gif
Spring Rolls with dipping sauce (just buy them and keep frozen)
Dip with crudite
Filled puff pastry parcels - cut circles or squares of purchase puff pastry, brush edges with egg wash.  Tsp of filling -could be vegetarian - e.g. squeezed out thawed frozen spinach, mix with some ricotta/feta, bind with some beaten eg, season well.  Turn over in halves to make either half rounds or triangles, seal edges using a fork.  Brush with  rest of egg wash, sprinkle on sesame seeds or poppy seeds, freeze flat on a tray, put into freezer bag once frozen.  When you want to cook some, just onto a greased cookie sheet, into a 180C oven funtil puffed and golden.

Little sausage rolls filled with seasoned sausage meat of choice - done again in puff pastry sheet, cut sheet into 3 long pieces, fill along middle, egg wash to seal long edges together, Continue as above, but use a knife to mark a line across them at equal spacings for where you want to cut them once cooked, freeze same as above. as above.

You can put them into the fridge to thaw before going to work that day so they take less cooking time that night.  From frozen they'll take about 25-30 mins, thawed - about 15-20 mins.

Do you have any vegetarians coming that you need to cater especially for?
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