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I have a question no one has ever been able to answer, so hopefully this forum can help answer it. Is there a method, added cost percentage or ratio for costing deep fryer oil? 

I'm stumped and I've never been able to figure out what to add to the total cost of a fried menu item. I know there are other variables such as oil filtration/cleaning to increase shelf life, time, items being fried, amount of time fryers are on, type of oil, cooking temperature, etc...

If it helps my scenario is, buying 35 pound containers of oil, items being fried-potatoes, batter covered, capers, fresh herbs, panko coated items, and dry flour/starch based proteins. Oil set at 365F. Fryers being on 12 hours a day. Fryers strained every night.

If anyone has advice, it is much appreciated.
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The oil is part of your overall food cost.  I'm not sure it should be considered for each item.  Also do you have a reason for keeping your fryers at 165 instead of 350?  This makes a big difference in the life of the oil.
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What I'm trying to answer is there an average cost I can plug into my costing before hand, I could add the oil into the overall at the end of a week, but I'm trying to figure out if there is any known value currently in use. I'm going to use a guesstimate in case before pricing for this yet to open restaurant. Calamari is on the menu and I flash fry it for 60-75 seconds, I prefer 365 degrees for this, ideally, I'd be at 375, but that won't work for the other menu items, so 365 is a happy medium temperature.
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It is kind of like trying to plug in a cost of gas for a saute item...much easier to plug it into fixed cost.
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Like a few have said, just try to figure out how many orders come out of the fryer for the 35lb container. FF will have more water in them therefore killing the oil more than other items. The items with panko breading will have more crumbs falling to the bottom of the fryer. pick a number and stick with it. In order to get an exact figure you would have to count the number of orders fried in the oil during the life cycle of the oil. Pick a number that you feel comfortable with and make it your fixed cost........

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