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for all of you seasoned pros and vets out there... do you cook the food you love to make and enjoy to eat or do you cook the food that ppl love to eat?
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Cook the food you love. You're a Chef, typically the food you love will please others. It's the waiters' job to make your guest realize that the food you love to cook IS the food they love to eat. Besides, you pick your clientele, believe it or not. Dumb down a menu to suit the guests, and dumb guests is what you will end up with -make people feel smart and classy, and that is the clientele you will build.
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Both but alot of what I cook I am allergic to (breaky place and I'm allergic to eggs) but I cook it with love and I make sure my plates look appealing
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Nice leeniek, I also pick both of them. If you'll cook food what you like then maybe your alone. But of course cooking what other wants is not a bad idea since its not only you who eat. But if you're allergic with something then don't eat it.
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As being an ex-owner/operator of several different restaurants, they always start as what I want to cook and end up with what the ppl love to eat. However if they love to eat it, my attitude changes and I in turn love to cook it.
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I design a menu based on dishes that I like and that will be appreciated by the people in the area. If the restaurant is going to open in an area where people commonly say, "I'm not eating it if I can't spell it!" then the menu will not have confit de canard and escargot et beurre blanc. It may have "fried duck" and "lemon butter sea snails" however:smokin.

Just kidding, mostly, but the point is, if you are passionate about what is on the menu, other people are much more likely to love it too... as long as you present it in a manner that appeals to them.
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