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    I live in the DC area and I a looking to open up a kitchen and  Bar location near the urban side of the city. My first idea was to lean towards a fresh approach to southern classics. I am near  a major metro subway center and close to a huge city government building. The area i am looking to put the restaurant in has no real  competition  the sit down sector. The area has many carry outs and fast and greasy food options.  I want to open the location up at 5 am or so to take advantage of the early risers that love breakfast plates and breakfast sandwiches allike. i want to have a strong lunch and speedy seated and carry out sandwich presence. This location will close at 9pm. The bar area will service happy hour guest and be used as a small local music bar and drink lounge on the weekend nights.

    I want to ask if you have helped or worked with a owner in other states and If not do you have any local contacts in my area that you could refer me to. I am eager and hard working, I have a 12 year back round in fine dining and catering services. I also have served in a retail setting as an Asst Manger of a dominos pizza in a high volume college location.  I would love to hear from you and willing to listne to any help you can give with this venture.

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