Memorial Day BBQ

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2 slabs of baby backs cooking, homemade baked beans have been in the crockpot for 18 hours, will raid the garden for a salad.
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I ended up putting some chicken breasts on the grill. Treated them with S&P, garlic, oregano from the garden, and Meyer lemon from the tree. Side dishes were pathetic - store bought potato salad and some sort of rather dreadful brocoli salad. Time was dear yesterday and that's the best we could do.
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We did the smoked pork roast thing (melted in the mouth like buttah) with my ever evolving dill laced potato salad (think I have hit it as this was the best rendition ever) a simple cuke, tomato and spring onion platter and fresh bread with a butter and garlic spread.

An ode to my dad who was a flight instructor in the Army Air Force during WW2 (miss you Dad!) was a selection of his favorite pies (chess, cherry and pecan) and a peach cobbler with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream.

Yeah...we always over do it with the desserts but I have!


The peaches were from the freezer as my tree was stripped by /img/vbsmilies/smilies/laser.gif  neighborhood hooligans....
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mike9 mike9 those are so pretty inside and out and what a perfect way to keep that loin moist.

Now I know everyone has their junk food vices but... Pringles!? I didn't peg you for Pringles hehe.
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@ Mike9 Wow my mouth is literally watering. I bet those were a huge hit.
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Don't make potato salad very often and have been working on this one for a couple of years now.

I backed off of all the chopped onion and celery and boiled egg in Miracle Whip and yellow mustard (don't forget the 2 types of pickle lol) that was my mom's style and went with just a few ingredients and the potatoes were actually the star this time ;-)

Made the dressing the nite before and mixed into hot from the stove new potatoes then covered and stuck in fridge.

After it cooled added chopped green cheddar....lots of chopped bacon (not drained) and more dill.

Dressing was 50/50 mayo and sour cream (thinned with a splash of cider vinegar) lots of pepper...chopped greens from spring onion (from garden)...a ton of dill (garden)...and don't onion dip mix (Hidden Valley brand).

Was a take on the (done to death) stuffed potato which I always refused to order at the BBQ joint but always sounded kinda good.

It was great at supper but fricken AWESOME for breakfast the next day lol.

All my life I was tryin' to recreate my mom's PS and it never quite hit the mark....

Figured out that must be a childhood emotion thing and just came from the side this time.

Happy dance lol.

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