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I am not versed AT ALL in the art of baking so no wonder it got all mucked up - litterally.         Trying to melt semi-sweet chocolate to dunk some oreo cookie truffles in for an 18 year old to bring for a bake sale.  Seems it's not enough chocolate so the only other thing I had in the house was a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate and I poured it too in the pot.  By the way, the pot is over simmering hot h2o.    It doesn't seem to be thinning as I would like it to dunk and coat the balls and I mentioned "hmm, I wonder if I put milk in, would it thin it out?"  Left the room for no more than 1 minute and she had poured milk in.  Cold.   I stirred it in and it just stiffened up to a point of not being able to stir it.    So there it sits.   I would like to know if it can be saved?  How so ? and is it worth saving?      It wont kill me to give it the toss but why not try to salvage the chocolate.      What to do?
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I think you can try with butter.  Not sure, because it happened to me many many years ago (oh god, 40 to be precise!) and i didn't know what to do, and threw it out.  But i think i remember reading later that it can be saved with fat.  But how exactly i'm not sure. 

Never, never put liquid into chocolate.  Don't even ever cover the double boiler or a drop of condensation can get in and make it seize (which is what they call what happened).  If you have to melt with a liquid, you add a certain amount right at the beginning, never put on boiling water, never touching the water, and i think it requires more than a certain amt of liquid (1/3 of a cup, not a tsp)
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