Melbourne Grand Prix Tarts

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Hi Everyone,
this weekend is grand prix down under and our company is supplying 500 choc nougat tarts which they want decorated with toffee shards,boxed and sent seperatly, the dumdest idea in the whole world i know but its also going to be stinking hot,i can see the sticky mess already,SO im thinking praps i could add some tragacanth to the toffee and maybe that would keep it dryer,has anyone ever done this,what do they put in toffee apples to stop them going sticky?ive got about 2 days before we start pouring caramel with that sinking feeling of this is just a waste of time.HELP has any one in the world got a trick up their sleeve. not sleeping ,Gingernut
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sometimes when you buy things (i'm thinking like handbags and such) you get little sachets of silica in them to keep it dry...I wonder if anywhere sells such things?.

I guess toffee apples are covered in that plastic and it does get pretty sticky.

I'm no chef but would this work? Making flat sheets of your toffee, laying over plastic sheeting that can be peeled off in Melbourne and then the toffee broken? (Just a guess) Does seem a long way to send such things if that's what you meant!

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