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I just stumbled across this quite sophisticated website from a (probably) small meat-cutting and -packing operation in Jackson, Missouri. It was a Google hit when I tried to find a way to make a decent grilled steak out of eye of round slices. I'm afraid that's like my eternal quest to find a really good straight, sour-mash Bourbon for $8 a bottle or so.

Apart from the eye of round and bourbon questions, I thought the website has some good, and interesting topics about meat in general, and some experienced advice to boot.

Jackson happens to be my ancestral home, sort of. My father grew up on a farm there, and my uncle, who ran the family farm after my father ran away to join the Federal government, was a big-time player in the Aberdeen Angus show-cattle circuit for many years. There is a lot of knowledge about meat around that area!

It's worth a look, and the site might be useful to pros and casual cooks alike.

Hope this is helpful.

Mike :chef:

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