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I bought a meat thermometer for $11 on amazon and the probe features big digits on a LCD screen and has simple buttons as well as a long tip. I love how fast it reads the temperature! It definitely takes 5 seconds or less consistently. I've used every day for a week to check the temperature of my baked goods and meats - so far, so good. I've never got sick from eating the chicken yet. This is perfect for summer barbecues too. 


by the way, i don't whether i can share a link to you, if anybody want, you can ask me. 



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Could you please post your review in our reviews section? I have added the product here just click on the link and then click on the Review It link
[product="27660"]Meat Thermometer Instant Read Lcd Screen Auto Shut Off With Long Anti Corrosion Probe Stainless Kitchen Cooking Thermometer For Meat Grill Bbq Candy Baby Bath By Family Care  [/product]
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hi, can i post Chef products reviews there? i know many Chef products.

Anyone can review..... ingredients and cookware and gadgets.
There is a forum dedicated to that purpose.
Much easier to find when everything is corralled in one area ;-)

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