Meat rinsing sink design help

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I have cured meat business and we are in the process of building a new sink for washing the cure off of meat. The problem is ground black pepper and herbs which build up quickly and block the drain, which is a huge hassle to scoop out.

I am trying to come up with a method for a cure trap so that its possible to spray the cure off and easily remove cure without plugging up the sink. Can anyone help?
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I mean, maybe I am misunderstanding you, but can't you just get a drain strainer to collect all the debris and then throw away? 
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Buy screen replacement for doors from home depot. Comes in different materials and comes in rolls. Line a perforated bus tub with screen so water drains but spices are trapped. Rinse in bus tub. When done, lift out screen and toss spices, put screen through dishwasher. Not sure how big your sink is.
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Sorry...big crash from the bunkbed room.

Maybe I can come back and finish.

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