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Hello everyone, first post so go easy on me!

I currently operate a concession stand which serves meat wraps to 1500+ people.

I am looking to cut labour costs and I am looking for a quicker way to prepare my beef.

Currently I am using a meat slicer to slice, half frozen 20kg top sirloin cuts of meats. I then dice these slices of meat into small squares (1/2 inch) ready to be cooked on the grill. I do this with over 200kg of beef so it takes a long time.

I wondering if there is meat grinder out there which is able to grind and cut beef to a very coarse consistency which almost replicates the beef with how I currently prepare it. I want the beef in small chunks if possible and not very minced.

Thank you
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Sounds like a Buffalo Chopper might be what you're looking for for those quantities and you can control the size of the final product.

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