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Hello I am looking for advice on how I would go about charging for this job.

I have a friend who owns a meal prep company and it has gotten very successful he will be opening a store front in the near future (6-12months) right now he has a small kitchen space he uses from his families taco business. He has everything minus the creativity of a chef. I have helped him a few times trying out new recipes and then showing the cooks (his family) how to execute them as well as some advice on cooking techniques and such. Meal prepping is a funny business since the food is being stored for up to 5 days and re-heated, plus many of his clients are pro athlete and very serious about they're food (although many get used to eating the same thing) it helps competitively to have new menu items to offer.

Now the job I am deciding on doing goes as follows recreating his current menu of 15 items (5 breakfast 10 lunch/dinner). I will be providing my new recipes and giving his cooks a demonstration on how to execute.
He wants new items every two weeks added and obviously removing some older ones.
Also a photo shoot for marketing purposes where all I need to do is cook the menu items and present them for someone to take pictures of.

This can go about a few ways:
I can do the one time menu redesign and give him the recipes with a demo for his cooks...I would like suggestions on pricing this route
Another price I would like help on is this possibly being a recurring thing since he wants new menu items added (my guess would be 6 of the 15 get redone obviously based on sales and popularity) how much would the constant update on menu items and recipes go for ?
And lastly the Photoshoot: my guess is just per hour but not sure how much.

Now these factors tie in
I can ask him to provide protein/ingredients and my price can be lower
I can purchase my own ingredients and be sure my cost get covered

All suggestions are open I honestly don't have a clue how much to charge for such a thing. The friend thing is not so important because based on your honest pricing suggestions I will take it all into consideration I mainly want to see true cost and price of how to charge for this service! Thank you in advance from Houston, Tx
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Work the cost backwards from the selling price. A golden food cost should be 28%. Your labour could come in at 10% of selling price. The creation ofnew menu items is the big question. Make a deal that goes down the road aways for pay back. As in, the owner could buy you a material item as pay back. A trip, golf passes, concert tickets or a hickey hame etc. Get your deal in writing and you may have something here.

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