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I'm looking to make meal kits in the style of my cooking. I've made a hard seared 6oz filet mignon, with exotic mushrooms and glace, frozen, then all sous vide together. Microwave instructions are 45 seconds on high, flip it once at 25 second. It comes out medium rare. Perfect.

I would like to do other things like risotto, shrimp of some kind. Pasta and sauce is kinda easy. But scallops?


Cous cous?

Fish filets?

Basically I'm trying to figure good ways to keep food fresh and reheat properly while giving someone a nice dining experience.
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Cous cous? Yes. Like most grains, cous cous stands up well to freezing.

Scallops? Believe it or not, cooked scallops withstand freezing better than you would think. But, I am a firm believer in the notion that scallops are one of those foods that must be served fresh.

Fish? Generally, no. Most raw fish are flash frozen the same day they're caught or close to it. The problem with freezing cooked fish is the texture afterwards. I've frozen cooked fish for use in making fish stock and when thawed the texture and appearance was never to the level that I would even think about serving commercially.

Risotto? Again, one of those foods that has to be served fresh. Frozen, cooked rice when thawed tends to be hard and/or grainy. Theoretically, I suppose you could mess around with uncooked instant rice and a sauce made of ingredients that would stand up to freezing to be combined in the microwave or sous vide.

Good ideas also include cookies, breads, most veggies, chicken, pork and beef. Calamari (believe it or not). Pot pies. Casseroles. Soups, stews, chili, stocks.

Good luck. :)
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I would start by visiting the frozen foods section of the supermarket. See what is there, ask manager which items are big sellers. Buy something you have questions about like the fish and see if it is sold raw or cooked. What packaging do they use? Any special ingredients in there that you could use?
I'm sure that somewhere are books on food science and preparing frozen foods.
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