Me too!

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Shawty, I am not a grandma, but I do have bacon drippings in my fridge! I keep about 1/2C in there at any given time. Used mostly in potato dishes. And you may say EWW at this, but when we have corn on the cob, I melt a Tbl of bacon fat into the melted butter that we drizzle on.

We have a deep frier and when I am finished with the grease (after multiple uses) I just scrape it out into the trash can, is that not good to do? I dont know where else to put it. I know restaurants have services to collect it, but me the homeowner does not.
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I noticed that southern families do the same thing with bacon grease. Those three containers by the stove: Bacon, Chicken and Fish. :lol: And god forbid you mix them up when you were little. My butt still smarts! As for the oil. You dont have to but I find that my oil keeps longer if I strain it into a dark bottle and put it up.
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I never liked plain ole green beans until my hubby made them putting some bacon fat into the water. Still my favorite way.:cool:

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