MBA Student - A Survey About Knife Sharpeners

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Hey Everyone,

I'm an MBA student in the University at Buffalo. I was asked to do market research for a class about knife sharpeners. Please don't attack me - but am I allowed to ask for help here? I'm not here to sell anything but I am supposed to learn what consumers think about knife sharpeners. Quite obviously, the class is a consumer behavior marketing course. Would I be allowed to ask or distribute an educational survey? I just thought I'd ask because I don't know anything about knife sharpeners and I didn't want to make anyone in the forum mad.

Thanks everyone!
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A lot of people ask this kind of question; why not you too?

So far you've met my criteria for a survey I'd answer - a name that isn't a silly screen name, a real university, and a credible statement of goal. Many times its "BunnyBooBoo" posting nothing more than a survey monkey link, and a bunch of nonsensical questions.

SUNY Buffalo rocks!

This forum has many members who are passionate about knives and sharpening.

Ask away!
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Don't mind at all. Please ask away.

I have noticed that the majority of people don't know what sharp is, why geometry or bevel angles are so important, why finer abrasives will provide a more durable edge, or the differences between grinding and honing. In short, many beleive sharpening is hocus-pocus, and why can't someone invent a knife that never needs sharpening?

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