May I interview you?

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[h3]Hi, my name is Soureya and I am a high school student who is doing baking/ cake decorating as a senior project.[/h3][h3]Part of one of the assignment I must complete is interviewing an expert. I would like to become a pastry chef and am interested in attending Le Cordon Bleu after I graduate and would absolutely love to learn more about the feild and what kind of jobs this career could potentially bring.[/h3][h3]Would anyone be interested in letting me do interview them?[/h3][h3]Here is my email: [email protected][/h3][h3]you can contact me there or here on the forum.[/h3][h3]Thank you so much! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif[/h3][h3]-Soureya[/h3]
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