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Hello to my fellow cooks!

I'm a 26 year old line-cook. I've been in the industry for 6-8 years now. Started out washing dishes and have worked myself up the line. I live in Seattle and work in Pike Place Market(for those who are familiar). My favorite cuisine is french but I believe it's important in this day and age to be well-versed in multiple styles of cuisine, taking influences where needed and coming up with something of your own. I'm still working in turn-and-burn joints(albeit the higher end of the spectrum) but in the next year or two I plan to make the jump to fine dining and move to DC or New York City.

I've been poking around these forums for a bit and it's nice to see such a dedicated, well-informed community. I'll gladly contribute wherever I can. Thanks and nice to meet you all!
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Welcome, Veronporter! We're happy you've joined us. As you have seen from reading here, there is a great mix of professionals here, and a contingent of competent home cooks, too. (I proudly count myself as one.) The community has a range of people here, from all continents (even Antarctica now and then!), familiar with many cuisines, and with experience levels ranging from "Can't Boil Water" to veteran professional chefs and culinary instructors.

I'm familiar with Pike Street Market and hope to wander its aisles someday soon. Milwaukee has a small Public Market; from the look of it, your market was a model.

I hope you become a regular here, to enjoy the discussions, to learn and share, and to have some fun, too!


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