May 2021 Challenge: Spicy!

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Boy, some good looking stuff this month. I did make a dish that fits the theme, a take on laziji chicken.

The Players



Chicken, of course. In this case a pack of thighs. And soy sauce, rice wine, hot red chilies, ginger, garlic.

The process

First off, prep the chicken.


Skin peeled off and reserved. Bone removed, thigh meat cut into bite sized bits.


Marinated overnight in soy sauce and wine.

Next day prep the chilies, snipping into smaller bits, removing stems.


Slice the ginger and garlic. And get out a few Sichuan peppercorns.


The chicken gets and egg and cornstarch mixed in to make a breading, of sorts, as well as black and white pepper.


Once seasoned and well coated, it goes into the oil. First fry at about 325F/160C. Pulled out, drained a bit. Second fry at around 375F/190C


Golden brown and crispy!

Next the veggies go in the wok.


Recipes often say things like "cook until aromatic" Wow! It was a sudden onset of aroma that slapped me in the face when these were done, very nice.

Chicken added in, tossed a bit to heat.

The Product


When I've had this dish in restaurants the is usually about half as much chicken and many times more peppers. Often called hide and seek chicken, as you have to dig through the peppers to find the chicken. But this was very tasty, spicy, with the numbing effect from the Sichuan peppercorns. I really liked it.
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Well, we had 24 entries this month with with 7 participants. 2 participants were not in competition, So I had to choose between 17 dishes from 5 people.

@phatch Made some great looking ribs, Pho, and chicken curry

mike9 mike9 Brought it with the Tinga tacos

teamfat teamfat with the Laziji Chicken. It looks delicious. I like the extra chicken added. The hide and seek wouldn’t work for me.

However, I think everyone knows butzy butzy blew it out of the water this month with 12 entries. So she is this month’s winner.
They all looked up my alley spice wise, but The Be Sapi Base Manis is the dish I pick as the winner. Not only was is something new to make for her, but it’s flavor profile really peaked my interest.

So, Thank you everyone and Congratulations Butzy! I look forward to what you pick for June.
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Thanks guys!
I'll be posting the next one now.
I'm waiting to board a flight, so maybe someone can help and post the rules after I posted the June challenge ;)
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Be sapi base manis....
I'd never made it before. Pretty easy, very tasty.
I would freely tanslate it as balinese sweet beef, from one of my favourite recipe sites "kokkieblanda", but it's in Dutch. They got an English site as well:

I deviated only a little from the recipe above:
Ingredients for the paste (boemboe). Not the chili's though. Just onion, garlic and pretty old frozen ginger. But chili is the star of this challenge, so they were allowed on the picture
View attachment 70174

The chili's got sliced
View attachment 70175

Frying the paste
View attachment 70176

Adding chili's, fried for a bit more and added the beef (neck)
View attachment 70177

Browned and then it was time for the soy sauces
View attachment 70178
And a beer for the cook

Mixed it all thoroughly and added water to simmer the beef till it was tender.
The smell was pretty amazing!
View attachment 70179

Boiled Jasmine rice, sliced cucumber and plated
View attachment 70181
This dish really inspired me. So I did my own spin from the recipe you posted. I added in Urab Sayur (Balinese Coconut Vegetable Salad) as a side. 4F7A5184-5644-4924-90FC-1725E69DD1EE.jpeg
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