May 2017 Cooking Challenge: Fish!

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I saw that page, problem is you have to buy it then find out. Nope, I want to know before I buy!
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I know this is a pretty lame submission but I want to at least post something. I'd love to spend a few hours challenging myself with a new take on fish, and plating, but tonight it was just feeding our mouth holes. Red snapper fried, some nice asparagus from the market, safron rice, and "red lobster" style garlic cheese biscuits.

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Doesn't look lame to me. I like snapper a lot (though I don't know if west coast BC snapper is the same as Florida snapper...), and I like this. As an aside, I've offered to trade homemade cinnamon buns to a local fisherman for some fresh BC snapper, and this looks pretty good! 
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Lame submission?  I'll give you a lame submission buddy.

Last week I got a bass and some shrimp:

I was going to knock off a mexican sea bass with sautéd shrimp and garnished with avocado and what not.  Well, I haven't cleaned many fish, maybe zero, and by the time I was done I didn't have the nice fillets I had in mind.  More like a couple small pathetic fillets and a bunch of random chunks.  So a quick change of plans seemed in order and I made a fish stew.  I made some fish stock and used a tomato base.  I came out good.

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I made a lot of stuff on mothers day but I hate ugly cell phone pictures so I wont' post. I split lobsters in half and grilled with miso butter,  made little neck clams on the wok with fermented black bean

Now I'm between jobs and I had some time to fish.  Catch of the day is scup/porgy whatever its called

Got 8 of them ranging 2-4 lbs

They don't have a ton of meat so my plan is to keep em whole for a family style presentation. Shallow fry in a wok and then put stir fried ginger/scallion/soy on top or go fish sauce/ scallions/ peanut/ lime  
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Blackened Tilapia Sandwiches with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Grilled Corn

I made a spice mix of paprika, garlic powder, ceyene pepper, oregano, thyme, salt, and black pepper.  I patted the fish dry and brushed with melted butter and then coated them heavily with the spice rub.  I also made a Remoulade Sauce with mayo, Whataburger spicy ketchup, ground mustard, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, horseradish, garlic, worcestershire, celery seed, paprika, and fresh parsley.

Temp was in the 90's so I did everything on the gas grill.  I roasted the sweet potatoes then grilled the corn on the main burners and heated a cast iron pan on the sear burner.  I brushed the fillets with more butter and into the pan for about 2 minutes per side.  

I served them on a ciabatta role along side roasted sweet potatoes and grilled corn.  

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I know this is a pretty lame submission but I want to at least post something.
You think that's lame?

I just haven't had any time so this is the best I have come up with sofar....

But,    There is still time...

Tinned sardines, given to me by a Slovenian friend

Garlic, cucumber and onions

Toasting bread without electricity

And sardine salad on toast...

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I just defrosted 1 kg of hake fillets, so I'll be eating fish for the next couple of days

I decided on making a fish pie.
I put the fish fillets in a pan with milk, onion, garlic and bay leaves, brought to a boil and let them cool down in the liquid

Found some shimps, so added them too

The secret ingredient

Boiled and coarsely mashed potatoes for the top layer

Bechamel sauce with the fish-liquid

And then it is time to assemble the pie.
First the fish mixture

Then the bechamel sauce

Then the garden peas, but the picture went missing

Topped with potatoes, ready for the oven

Out of the oven

And served
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One day left in this month's challenge!  I'm in Pacific Daylight time, so a few hours later than many of you. You still have time to get that winning entry in!
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It's me again....

I have to get rid of all that hake.

I decided to try something totally new for me, bacon wrapped fish on the kettle /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

Rubbed the fish in my spice rub.

If I remember it contains onion powder, oregano, piri piri, paprika, ginger and ground kaffir lime zest

Rolled the fish, wrapped in bacon and put on skewers

I used some dried curry leaves for a bit of smoke (just because I had them lying around)

And they are almost done

And plated!

Totally new experiment for me and it worked quite well.

It makes a nice snack /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif
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I had plans to get something done for this challenge, but nothing happened so far. I may be cooking some fish Wednesday night while on a short vacation in the San Diego area with Karen's family.  We shall see.  At the very list I planned on a quick tuna and octopus poke salad.  Oh well.

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One day left in this month's challenge!  I'm in Pacific Daylight time, so a few hours later than many of you. You still have time to get that winning entry in!
I've another two - I just have to sort out the photos...  but aren't there two days left now (well one and a half for me)? Its afternoon of 30th of May in UK as I write and tomorrow is 31st May.
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here goes.  we had a fish fry yesterday and I did an alternative to the usual dip in flour and deep fry.  I selected a pompano, a crappie, and a large mouth bass.  I scored both sides of each fish to the bone, then applied a dry rub.  I let the fish stand for 30 minutes.  I had to cook in an electric skillet outside beside the deck.  pre-heat skillet to 50% setting.  add about 1/4 cup vegetable oil.  when oil is hot, add the fish.  I did 3-4 minutes a side.  remove the fish.  dump the oil.  return fish to pan.  add sauce, heat to boiling, turn heat off and cover. turn the fish over at least once before serving.  I wanted an east Asian flavor combined with quick fry in very little oil and steam with serving sauce.

final menu was fried fish( bluefish, crappie, blue gill, hybrid blue gill, largemouth bass, croaker, jack cavella, and pompano), fresh cole slaw(the cabbage was picked yesterday morning), freedom fries, and hush puppies.

DRY RUB the smell is similar to Old Bay, measurements are approximate.

celery salt  1 Tbs

cumin  1 tsp

nutmeg 1/4 tsp

allspice 1/2 tsp

ginger   2 Tbs

black pepper 1 tsp

red pepper  1/2 tsp

paprika 1 tsp

cinnamon 1/4 tsp

powdered garlic  1/2 tsp

onion salt 1/2 tsp

SAUCE measurements approximate.  

1/4 cup moscato

1/4 cup water

1 Tbs toasted sesame oil

2 Tbs EVOO

1 tsp powdered garlic

1/2 tsp ginger

2 Tbs dark soy sauce

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