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hey ky,

do you still have any maters coming in?  sadly, just got my last case for the season here, but i imagine our growing season is shorter than yours in kentucky...god, they were good this summer, but not as good as last years? how were yours in comparison to last years crop? guess you're probably knee deep in pumpkins by now, eh? whatcha gonna do with them all?...i love pumpkin butter, iffin you're gonna make some.....just wanted to say howdy, really....we travel in different circles or time zones,or something, i guess...

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Don't hate me, but my plants are still loaded with tomatoes. I pick a few every day. But that will, alas, en with the first real frost sometime in October. Of course, if I bother covering the plants, I'll probably still be harvesting come Thanksgiving.

Last year kind of sucked for tomatoes across most of the country. This year is spotty; depends mostly on the amount and frequency of rainfall. I've been in the path of almost all the storms, so water has not been a problem. Lexington, 25 miles away, is in a draught. As usual, because of my microclimate, my 'maters start late, but tend to last longer than others. And, because I'm not surrounded by other growers (I can count the nearby veggie gardens on one hand and have fingers left over), I'm less bothered by pests and diseases. For instance, I have zero late blight.

Only have three varieties this year: DePinto, Old Kentucky, and an unknown bi-color that was supposed to be Brandt's Old German Pink, but isn't. Thankfully my friend Roger grow out the Brandt's this year, and I saved fresh seed from his. Otherwise the variety would be in danger.

We're covered up with peppers, particular Cubanelles. In fact, I'm thinking of sometime this weekend making chilies rellenos and fried green tomatoes to use up some of the bounty.

As to the pumpkins, well. If you've been following the thread you know how that stands. I did pick an almost ripe one the other day, and have been using it for various things. Made a jicama/squash slaw last night, and it came out very nice.

Based on how developed that one was, I'm figuring about ten days before they start to ripen and cure. After that it's Katy bar the door.

And yeah, pumpkin butter is definately on the list.

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