Materials to smoke with.......

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Cold smoking, hot smoking, tea smoking
What are the materials you use?
I use pecan shells for chicken and pork
It's a Louisiana thing


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grape vines
different types of woods
different liquids to soak my wood chips in
watered down juices
herb infused water
fresh herbs
corn cobs
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These are some good ideas! I have never really thought about using different liquids to soak the wood with, well I 've pondered about it but never have tried it. I only have used Hickory and Apple for Pork and Poultry, and Pecan and Mesquite Wood for Beef and selected Red Meats. I would definatly like to try using grapevines and tea smoking(chinese technique with rice, tea, and dried spices right?) For Steaks and A la minute preparations we cold smoke before hand in an Alto Sham-smoker.
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it has been said that the wood from used oak barrel is exceptional for smoking meats.

From what i know over here in Aus, once the barrels have gone beyond useful, apparently, they just chop them up and burn them.

One thing that i have found, hickory smoked salt water crocodile meat makes for a very nice salad.
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Yeah but Nick catching the croc has to take a chunk out of your AM
Alligator in LA is chewy and you know I don't think chicken ever tasted like that....
is Salt water croc tender or strong flavored???

I gather corn cobs are soaked and then used just as wood they give a sweet corn it any corn cob? my farmers have popcorn now....I'll see about snagging some cobs. I have piggy in my freezer I need to cook/smoke /'s FALLLLL
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hehe, salty crocs never have any flavour because they're always sold frozen - supposedly to defeat any protozoan parasites (like thats going to work), but if you give them a half decent dressing, then it should work.
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We like to mix wood chips marinated in wine.

Instead of throwing them on the coals directly, wrap them in tin foil and open the top. This way they last a lot longer and act to almost steam infuse the food on the grill.
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Tea smoking with wild rice....hmmmmmm
and dried pineapple peel....sounds very interesting....pork...or duck or hmmmmmmm

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